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Day 4, Will Power at it’s Best!

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Whole30 | 0 comments

It’s Friday! I always look forward to Fridays (who doesn’t). Usually it’s either a friend gathering at a local brewery or data night at a local brewery. Seems to be a trend there. NOT tonight… or is it? After the long day of work we all went to our local growler filling station/bar called the Dram Shop. They happen to have Kombucha on tap so we were all able to continue our normal traditions only slightly modified. I did feel strange not ordering a beer and the bartenders looked at me a little funny but other than that, not bad.

I was impressed by our groups will power to be in one of our favorite drinking establishments surrounded by our favorite beers and not breaking down. I even held a beer for a friend and wasn’t tempted a bit, ok maybe a little, but I stayed strong! It was great to be able to be social during the Whole30 as it  seems like a hard task. You’d think with the supposed attitude of kill all the things, I would want to punch everyone drinking beer and rubbing it in my face, but I sipped on my pomegranate/lavender kombucha with a smile on my face. Take that Whole30, I’m stronger than you.

On our way home we decided to stop at Chipotle for dinner as their carnitas salads are whole30 approved as long as you don’t get the rice, beans, cheese, sour cream or corn salsa… wait… what the heck is left to put on it? They even charged me full price… pfft. It was still delicious and super easy as we didn’t have to cook. After dinner we watched a movie, Finding Dory. It was a good flick, except for when the crazy bird started eating popcorn… my cravings came on strong.

To sum it up, my Friday night consisted of watching finding dory instead of enjoying many delicious beers with friends… whoda thunk that would be me?

I’m excited to wake up Saturday morning though sans hangover ;)


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