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Day 3, The Whole30 Hangover Continues

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Whole30 | 0 comments

It turns out my Whole30 timeline is a day behind their version as today has been a very hungover feeling. The headaches, the grogginess and the feeling that the day is in slow motion forever extending the time spent at work. If only my productivity matched the amount of time I felt I was there.

The food was great today though, as with every day so far! I’m still amazed it took something like this for me to try these new styles of foods. Eating breakfast is something pretty new to me. I never have time due to pushing the snooze button a few too many times. I’ve been good about getting up to eat this week, which may be confusing the dogs as their breakfast schedule is now out of whack.

We spent dinner tonight with the other couple that is doing Whole30 with us. The girls cooked while us boys watched in amusement. The boys did go on a kombucha run though, which was like a beer run, without the beer. Took us a while to figure out where it’s located in the store (hint, not in the beer section) but we bought each flavor, at least the ones without all the crap/seeds in them to try them out. I’m liking the stuff.

After dinner we played a few rounds of bananagrams which was the first game night sans beer in recent memory. I’ve also confirmed that Whole30 definitely affects people differently beyond just the timeline. Our friend Sydney was staring at the bananagram pieces thinking they looked like candy, or gum, or the plethora of other “illegal” food items on her mind and tried to eat them. I’d say she’s winning the Whole30 game so far.

Random thought: as i sit here writing this, i’m craving popcorn.

P.S. I’m not backing out of my scientific discovery from yesterday that beer is not crap, that still stands. It must be the Super Bowl snacks and other foods I consumed that is making the Whole30 hangover a reality. Deal with it.

Signing out of Day 3 feeling better than it was throughout. Night


Sweet Potato Hash Browns w/ Fried Egg and Avocado


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