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A Beer Drinkers Guide to Whole30



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What have I done? A Beer Drinkers Guide to Whole30

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Whole30

About a month ago I was chatting with my girlfriend and another couple over a few beers. The three of them stated/decided they were going to do this Whole30 program (I had never heard of it, or so I thought). It’s a 30 day lifestyle program to change the way you look at food and get back to eating healthy without the “bad” cravings. They convinced me to join them and the four of us would do it together, cooking meals, holding each other accountable, etc. After a few beers, this didn’t sound like such a horrible idea. I have always tried to be conscious about the food I eat so what’s the harm in taking it a step (or a few steps) further?

This is about the same time they told me I wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol, AKA beer during this 30 days. WHAAAAAAAAT?

I like beer. I live in Montana. In Montana we have a lot of great local beers. Did I mention I like beer and live in Montana? Everything we do here is better with a cold beer. This might make me sound like I have a problem, but the real problem is the statement above saying I can’t have a beer for 30 days. THIRTY WHOLE DAYS. I’m not sure I have gone 30 days without beer since I was “legally” allowed to drink.

Ok, so I am somewhat stubborn when it comes to these types of challenges, as in… I’m very competitive which will make me want to do this, just to say I did. With that, today, February 7 was day 1. Why did I start on the seventh day of the month? It was Super Bowl weekend and I am NOT going Super Bowl weekend without a beer, DUH.

Luckily, our group of friends had quite the Super Bowl weekend of games and partying so this first week should be quite easy to withhold my craving of that beautiful nectar… mmmmmm, beer.

One other note, most of my co-workers have for some crazy reason, agreed to take part in what I am coining, Sobrebruary… no beer for 30 days in February (and part of March), remember, I’m not, not drinking beer during the Super Bowl so unless they move it to January, the whole month isn’t happening. Good luck friends!

Welcome to my Whole30 then Beer30 journey!