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As most of you know, I am a sports nut. Not the crazy sports fan that knows every stat or detail about their favorite teams but a true lover of the game and everything that being a fan is all about. I LOVE the experience surrounding the game and the emotions that come with it. I live for fan interaction, the tailgating, the screaming at every play, the high fives with surrounding fans, the spilling of beer from over excitement and that scratchy voice the next morning.

I am also one of those fans that doesn’t really hate any certain team, I may dislike a few but I will watch them if they are what’s on at the time. Case in point, last night’s game six of the World Series. I am neither a Cards nor Rangers fan but the game was AMAZING. Any true sports fan has to appreciate the excitement, the emotion and sheer WOW factor of the game that we just saw. It’s games like that, that really show that these guys are professional athletes and know how to put on a great show.

Tonight is game seven of the World Series, the first game seven in nine years and it won’t disappoint. I have a feeling this will be even more exciting as both teams will be leaving everything they have on the field hoping for that World Series Title. Whatever the outcome may be, both teams deserve the title and may they both look back on this experience and say… WOW, we put on a show.

I’ll be watching the game in full costume as I will be attending the annual Halloween party, cheering on both teams and hoping for another nail-biting, jaw dropping show that these two teams have seemed to perfect in this World Series.

Here’s to sports fans around the nation, Cheers!