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A Beer Drinkers Guide to Whole30



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Day 8, Nothing Says Valentines Day Like Steak, Lobster and Bloating

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Whole30 | 0 comments

Valentines Day… a corporate love holiday where you’re supposed to make your significant other feel special, as if you only do it one day a year. I don’t buy it! I make her feel special every day, duh ;)

We did celebrate a little by having a great dinner, Steak and Lobster. Yum!

They say you’re supposed to be bloated with attacks of not so fun bowel movements… If this is the worst, I’m doing ok as I have yet to experience those symptoms and I feel better than I have the previous few days. I’m staying strong to the program, appreciating how it makes me feel and excited about the outcomes. When I say outcomes, I’m not talking about having my one ab come out of hibernation or my scale showing a number that I haven’t seen since high school… no, I’m talking about the new relationship I have with food.

It’s funny how different I look at grocery stores and the products on the shelf now that I have to be conscious about what is in the foods I consume. It’s amazing that you can have what appear to be two identical products sitting next to each other but that couldn’t be further from the truth. One will have all sorts of additives and the other will not. Why would anyone choose the one with all the crap in it just to save a few pennies? Well, the old me would have. This is the thing I’m most excited about is having a new appreciation for organic food and less processed foods.

I know I won’t be able to stay on the whole30 program forever, that just is not possible, especially with my love of beer. I don’t see myself going out and creating a whole30 approved beer anytime soon as I don’t see how that could be possible, but it’s an intriguing idea ;)

For the 7 people that read this occasionally, even if you don’t want to put yourself through this program (even though most of you that are reading this might as well since you’re living with it by knowing me), I’d encourage you to look at the foods you eat and choose the better of the options you have, the one with less crap added. You’ll probably be amazed at how even this small change can affect your life.

Wow, this has been way too inspirational for one post. I’m turning into one of those people I’ve never understood… HELP ME!

If you’re not doing Whole30… please have a beer for me, cheers!


Hash browns & Eggs


Tuna Lettuce Wraps


Steak & Lobster