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Day 7, My first Whole30 Week In the Books!

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Whole30 | 1 comment

Day Seven… One week complete, a bunch more to go.

I am very satisfied with how I’m (we are) doing with Whole30 so far. I have made it farther than I thought I would have when this idea first came up over beers a while back. I’m feeling great and excited to keep going. It’s crazy to hear how many other people we know that are doing this, have done it or plan on doing it. We are not alone, which makes this even easier.

Today was pretty boring compared to the other days so far. No crazy feelings, not wanting to kill anyone or cheat by eating the forbidden. Basic day for me, which I’ll take, as the program says I’m supposed to be bloated like a beached whale come tomorrow. Yippee, can’t wait for that.

Due to this fact, I’ll keep this post short and use this space as an inspirational message… DON’T DO IT, RUN (NOT LITERALLY), DRINK BEER!!

Ok, but seriously, this program is great. It shows that you have control over things in your life. Makes you feel good (or so they say eventually happens) and gives you some great activities to do, such as cooking, with your significant other… or hopefully makes you feel good/confident enough to find one (that’s for you Joe). ~insert “the more you know” flying star graphic~

One final thought/life lesson learned on day seven… girls do poop.


Scrambled Eggs w/Sausage


Leftover Stuffed Twice Baked Potato


Roast, Taters & Asparagus