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Day 11… 15… Slacking on the blog, not on the program

by | Feb 21, 2017 | Whole30 | 0 comments

I tried my best to keep up on the blog, I truly did but life got in the way. Life? Nah, Whole30 got in the way. It’s such a consuming program that combined with the busy lifestyle I live most days, it’s been tough to find time to write a post about how things are going. Truthfully, it’s been pretty boring. Nothing too exciting besides the fact that I do not have the boundless energy they say you should have, that’s sad. I’d love to have the energy, hopefully soon.

We have had a few tough days as far as testing our will power to stick with the program. People eating cheeseburgers in front of us, drinking delicious beer, long days away from home requiring to cook/eat at 10pm… BUT, we are still going strong and are just about done with day 15, the halfway point.

I’m really looking forward to this tiger blood stage but with how I’ve felt the past couple days, I’m thinking I’m slightly behind schedule so I might have to wait a little longer for that eye opening moment.

After two weeks, I’d still suggest trying this program out. I know we are planing on incorporating a lot of the ideas behind this program into our normal lives as much as we can, with beer of course!

I’ll try to be better about posting but no promises. Tiger blood may help my desire to share the good news!


5 days worth


5 days worth


5 days worth