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This past weekend was “one of those days” on the river. Everything was aligned to make forĀ a day of amazing action on the dry fly. I always enjoy when I get to take a day on the river with the parents, floating down in the Clackacraft, fishing, rowing… Our rule… Catch two fish, you’re on the oars.

My mom is what you would call a fair weather passenger on the drift boat. She doesn’t fish but loves to ride along on warm sunny days. You know, the kind of days that we kinda dislike as fisherman. Come on cloud cover! She does great on the oars though, we’ve trained her well, and she enjoys it for the most part. Back, Back, Back, WHOA, too much, forward, perfect… 10 seconds later, back, back… and so on! I imagine having a megaphone as a crew coach or something. She hasn’t quite learned how to read the river quite as well as us with 20 years experience do, but she’s getting better and better every year.

The best way to show how amazing the day was, is with a few photos with the fish! Can’t wait to get back on the water and enjoy another amazing day with the trout!