Outdoor Adventurer

Whether it be a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon, a remote region of Glacier National Park, or an un-named high mountain lake, I seek to enhance my appreciation of the outdoors by exploring the natural wonders of the world and areas rarely seen by many.

Trout Bum

With my adventurous lifestyle and appreciation of nature, what better way to bring it all together than the pursuit of trout. Fly fishing takes me to the most beautiful and remote locations on this planet, further enhancing my love for the outdoors. I explore all over including small secluded creeks, high mountain lakes and the […]
Wether I'm in the office or on the river, I'm capturing and creating content to share with the world

Marketing & Communications

A proven track record developing and implementing communications strategies to increase engagement and interaction through the creation and innovation of unique publications, online communities, blogs, social media campaigns, content management systems and other emerging digital mediums.

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